Monday, August 25, 2008

A new use for eye drops

I have heard that using the eye drops that remove the redness from your eyes can be used to remove the redness from a pimple. I decided to try it. I am not sure that it reduced the redness but it did reduce the length of time that it took for the pimple to be reduced in size and to heal.

At one time (not so long ago) I use to get large pimples that were red, painful and showed themselves in a bold manner on my face. With the use of the eye drops (and I bought one for my face exclusively) and the rest of my acne products I have found a remedy that works for me. If applied at night, mixed with an acne spot cream you will find that on awakening the next morning that horrible pimple is less painful, less red and their is an obvious reduction in size.

Since I found that some of the foods that I was eating (Please see my article "Can food cause acne") was causing an outbreak of acne I have changed my diet but an occasional pimple still raises its head and I have to act swiftly.

It worked for me.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A new use for stockings

One day as I was pressing I was very frustrated that yet another load of clothes were accidentally washed with a piece of tissue paper hiding in a pocket. I stood there with my pile of clothes to press and wondered if I really had to re-wash these dark clothes to get the lint removed. In desperation I grabbed a stocking that was nearby and started to wipe it across the fuzz that was on the clothes. To my great surprise the fuzz started to move and in no time it was all gone. I have since added an old stocking, that I have formed into a ball for easy of use, as one of my essential pieces of equipment stored near the iron.

In the case that spray starch is required while pressing, I have found that this assists in removing the fuzz with the stocking. The fuzz comes off easier.

To remove the fuzz I lay the clothes flat on the ironing board as if I am about to press and rub the fuzz using the stocking ball.

Can food cause Acne?

There are certain schools of thought that claim that foods do not cause acne and others have said that certain foods do. I have adult acne. I have struggled for years with an outbreak three out of four weeks in a month. When my face got cleared it seem to be only for a few days before another one appears again. It is true that I did not have a terrible case of acne but it was constant and painful. I especially got them on my chin and cheeks which lasts for over a week, was very obvious and very painful for days. People would even comment on them.

Occasionally I get facials done. The lady suggested that I refrain from milk and nuts. I did not believe her, so I did nothing. Then another friend suggested that I use Almond milk instead. I did. My face cleared up. It is amazing. If I eat cheese or drink milk the next day a pimple comes up. I still eat nuts. It appears too that I am lactose intolerant.

My face has cleared up. I still get an occasionally pimple but they are few and far apart. I continue to use my acne produces as usual so when the pimple starts it clears up in 1/3 of the time and is not painful.

How a cheery "Good Morning" made me feel

I make it a point to speak to everyone that I pass irrespective of the time of day. I do not care about the colour of their skin, their creed or position and why should I? I am a mere moral and the Christian Bible says in Ephesians 6:9 And, ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him. King James version.

I have found the there are those persons regardless of the number of times that you see have them in a day, a week or a month they are always "Surviving", " Trying", "Holding On", "Trying to Make it"and even "Struggling". It is so depressive to hear them talk. It makes me feel like shouting.

Then there is another group of persons that pretends not to see you. I am speaking here of people that you see on a regular basis, sometimes daily. Then there is the cheery group. Unfortunately this group usually include the smallest amount of persons. What a shame, I love this group of persons!

While exchanging greetings at the start of a morning meeting at work one of my colleagues shocked (and I mean shocked) me when to my response of "Good Morning and how are you today" he actually said he was very good and he said it in an upbeat cherry voice. I was taken aback momentarily but being determined not to lose this change to delve behind the scenes I asked him why he was so joyful this morning. Up until this point everyone who entered the meeting had an attitude of not wanting to be there but had no choice. He replied that he is always upbeat as there is no reason not to be.

Regardless of the reason he had, I can say that it lifted my spirits, it made me feel good and every thing felt better even if only for a moment. In this age of stress and more meetings it is good to have people smiling. It is not something that goes around too easy as we hurry about our day trying to meet deadlines, take care of the kids and still have to plan the next move in our lives.

So go ahead, smile at the next person that you meet, greet them with a cheery greeting and have your spirits lifted. You may even lift that persons spirits and who knows where that can lead. Even if the other person does not respond don't be put off track, try another person. We can all do with a lift.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Greetings from the Isle of Barbados


Greetings from the beautiful isle of Barbados. It is an island 166 square miles with a population of approximately 270,000 people. It is summer all year. We have two seasons - dry and wet. Currently in the month of August we are in the wet season. Around this time of year we keep a close eye on the weather as Barbados is in a hurricane area. We are 13 degrees north of the equator and temperatures rise to a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.
Attached at some pictures that I took of my island. Enjoy.

Do Babies make you fat?

In my world it is believed that after you have a baby you become fat and out of shape with lots of fat around the waist. You do not have any option and have to be resigned to this fact. Is this true? Do we have to accept this point o view?

I dare to say no. We do not have to resign to this view or to the fact that the weight that we gain during pregnancy has to become a permanent part of our physique.

The fat that your body gains when you are expecting a baby is meant to feed your baby after it is born. That is why breast feeding is so important. It no only helps to reduce the size of the uterus but the fat is broken down and fed to the baby. When the baby is born and you eat healthy and eat the serving for one person - yourself and not the baby too - you will lose the baby fat. When breast feeding, you do not have to eat twice as much. The fat will feed the baby.

So with a healthy diet, some exercise and breast feeding for as long as you can after the baby is born, you will lose the baby fat and it will drop off quickly too.

Having a baby does not made you fat but unhealthy eating and eating large portion does.

Is 35 a magic number or is it all in my head?

After the age of 35 years it is all down hill?

I found that at the age of 35 I did not have the physical energy that I had before. I felt my metabolic rate slowed. I felt that I walked slower, was less motivated to go physical activities and had to force myself to exercise. Even after exercising I no longer had the 'pep' to keep going. Let's say that I do not want to climb that volcanic mountain on the isle of St. Vincent that I did at the age of 18.

I also found that I hurt myself more, have more aches and pains and want to sit rather than stand.

I mentioned this to my General Practitioner (doctor) and she said that she noticed it within herself as well. I also spoke to my dentist who said that she noticed it as well.

I also mentioned it to my father who said that it is all in my head since people think that 35 is half of 70, which the christian bible says is the allocated time that God gives us.

Is 35 a magic number or is it all in my head?

A 40 year old virgin

I was introduced to it not very long ago, today to be exact. A male friend of mine instructed me on what to do. Needless to say, I was very excited and I had to try it as soon as the light of the day faded and of course, after the kids were put to bed and I had time to myself. It took me a while to get it right, to figure out all the steps and at one point I was very fustrated.

I though about giving up and consulting my friend for further instructions but I remained silent and continued to try to get it done. The old adage of "Preseverance Never Fails" proved to be true once again. I did take a break to have a cup of tea and broke my resolve to never eat after 7pm and had a few (not many) Ginger Nut cookies. On returning to the process I will say I was greatly rewarded and very satisfied.

"Not yet used" is one of the meanings given in the Oxford dictionary for a virgin. That's me. I have never blogged before and at 40 I have now started. I know that I will enjoy it.

This is my introductory blog and I am very excited.