Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I learnt from a Dog

Tricks My Dog Taught Me.

If you love and own a dog or have owned one at some point in time then you will know how very beautiful there is a relationship that can assist between the dog and yourself. There were always dogs in my family. I recall there being a dog around the house from the time I was about 4 or 5 years old. Many tragedies have occurred over the years with the dogs but that did not stop us from owning a dog, so special is the relationship.

After I got married, had kids, subsequently divorced and moved into my own home, almost in that order, I bought my five-year-old son a dog for his birthday and then I got the same dog for my second child who was turning one year old at the time. Their birthdays are one week apart so there was one party. The household felt complete. That dog was so much a part of the family.

One day as I took my breakfast outside on the porch my dog ran up to me wagging his tail. At that very moment I had a thought. What if we as women could be this happy to see our spouses, our other half, wouldn’t this lead to a better relationship?

I explored this theory and wrote a book. Included in the book is an experiment I conducted as well as interviews that I did with men. My book is entitled Tricks My Dog Taught Me – A Smart Woman’s Thoughts on Saving a Relationship.

You can find an extract from the first chapter and get an opportunity to buy the book at . It will enhance your relationship and it has done for hundreds of persons already.