Monday, February 23, 2009

Life without Television or Video Games

So the New Year has opened. One of those critical examinations that we have to do in life is looming and my kids are spending time staring at the television. I speak, I instruct, I give good reasoning explanations but they turn deaf ears to me. “Just until this program finishes or we just started the game or I cannot pause this game” are the replies that I hear. These replies went for everything that I had asked them to do and I was unable to get them to really setting and do homework, housework, to get dress or even to eat. I felt that I was fighting an unforeseen demon which was strong, powerful and had control of my children.

In total frustration I declared no television or video games until the summer holidays. My youngest (age 6) went through withdrawal symptoms. He begged, pleaded and even cried for days. I am not a cruel mother so I allowed the television on Friday nights, which is our family night and we do what we want just as long as we do it together. Then I started to see changes in ways that I did not expect. My youngest brought out a puzzle and because it was a 200 piece he asked for help. It turned into an extraordinary family time together. Then one morning he picked up a book that I had to force him to read the night before and started to read it. That was a miracle!!! He NEVER volunteered to read, ever! My oldest even helped me to hang out clothes without the urgency of returning inside that resulted in a poor job.

For me, the lack of constant blaring noises, the fact that the children actually hears me now and responds, that they are not so antagonistic about performing duties and the quality time that we actually spent together is God sent. They are forced to become more creative and to entertain themselves.

The only draw back is that they constantly want me to play with them now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Earlier Morning Sound in Barbados

Hello, On one of my morning walks I recorded the beautiful sounds of birds in the morning. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On cutting my hair

So there I was two weeks before my 41st birthday sitting in the hairdresser’s chair. My mother is calling me to ask if it is over yet and the other customer is staring at me with her mouth opened wide. I was cutting off almost all of my hair. I always had long hair and reports have always informed me that I had lovely hair. I am conservative by nature and never dared to cut off my hair or try any real styles. But it was time for change.

I was feeling pressured in a schedule of work, kids’ activity and hairdresser appointments and I was sinking. Then three people that I knew died suddenly in a space of three weeks (two just dropped down dead and one had a stroke and died a week later). Layouts were imminent at the company where I work and no one knew who will stay or who will go.

I had always wanted to try a short spiky look so I though I would go for it. Let go of the pass. Look forward to the future. As the hair fell away the hairdresser asked me if I wanted to keep it. I did not. That would be holding on to the pass so I left it all at her place.

I was a little fearful of the responses that I would get especially from those who wanted me to swear I would NEVER cut my hair. I devised phrases and countermoves to answer the attacks. Then I ventured out into the new world. I had all kinds of comments and fortunately most were good. I even got more appreciation comments than usual from the ‘guys’.

I feel powerful now as I sport my new look. I even feel more classy, beautiful and stylish. I love the look and the easy and convenience that comes with being able to handle my own hair. People think that I did it as a new look for a new year but I did it because I could.

In a way it has strengthened me for 2009 with constant reminders of the recession, lost of investments and job loses. If I could cut my hair and survive then I am ready to face 2009, of course with God’s help.