Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walking Naked - Life without Makeup

It may have been a ‘moment in time’ in my life or the fact that the vacation was too good but I ate all kinds of the foods that I do not normally eat. I even tried foods that I have only heard about but never had a chance to try like Ackee and Salt fish (delicious!!). I now know that it may not have been the food, but my face had a bad acne breakout. After struggling for a short while I made my way to the doctor. She gave me gel to use and informed me that it will get worst before it gets better (promise) and I must not wear any makeup. It may take 8-12 weeks to see a difference, I was told. I was on vacation so I felt that all will be well after the 3 weeks when I was required to return to work. I was wrong!

I have always used foundation to hide the occasional breakout and horrible dark marks that the acne left behind. The acne did get worse, much, much worse and I had to go outside and face the world of work and church (places where I face the same people everyday) and I was told to do it without covering up. I was determined to follow the doctor’s advice so I walked around naked. Twelve weeks later it was substantially worse and did not appear to be getting any better. I was disheartened and ready to give up. (But this is an article on Walking Naked).

Along the journey, though, something very strange happened. Outside of the fact that persons were very kind and did not say anything, life continued as normal. I was not ostracized, shunted or made fun of.

I am not sure if it was as a result of people’s acceptance of me or that I have learnt not to be so self conscious but I found that I have learnt to accept myself, acne, spots and all. A few concerned persons at church eventually did show concern with the state of my face but this was after my acne outbreaks had reduced.

Now six months later the acne outbreaks are under control but the oily, shiny appearance is still with me. I no longer worry about it because I have come to realize that “Nobody really cared” that my face is shinny (except my mother) and I can continue my daily living as if my face was plastered with makeup. I now sport a young, dewy look as I walk naked.

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